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Where is Fontanaluccia

Fontanaluccia is a hamlet in the municipality ofFrassinoro in the province of Modena.

It is located on the right bank of the Dolo stream.

Despite being in the province of Modena, it is a very short distance from the province of Reggio Emilia.

On the opposite bank of the Dolo is located Gazzano, a hamlet of Villa Minozzo, in the province of Reggio Emilia.


Landscapes of Fontanaluccia

Casa Stefani Oratory


Casa Stefani

Fontanaluccia Lake


The Dam Lake

Fontanaluccia Dam

The Dam

Shining in the sun

Snow-covered panorama of Fontanaluccia


Snowy panorama

The church of Fontanaluccia


View of the Church

Historical information

The history of Fontanaluccia


The first chronicles of Fontanaluccia come from the 13th century, referring to a small village inhabited by a few hundred people.

From the end of the 17th century Fontanaluccia officially became a municipality, and from the beginning the Parish has been an integral part of the community.

The first church built in Fontanaluccia around the 17th century was unfortunately destroyed by a landslide at the beginning of the 19th century; the current structure dates back to 1836, and the bell tower around 1894.

The Partisan Hospital of Fontanaluccia has great historical importance, founded in the summer of 1944 to provide assistance to wounded fighters. The MI N'SO N'GUTTA book set in that period also talks about it.

History of Fontanaluccia
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FAQs about Fontanaluccia


From Modena you can take bus number 670 which will take you to Fontanaluccia in 2 hours and 55 minutes. It costs around 9 euros.

We recommend the B&B Il Mulino, in Via Casa Stefani 24.

In the center, there is the Pizzeria/Bar Gustaria. Slightly further away, the Ristorante alla Peschiera.

Definitely the Church, and then walking to the dam to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature.

It depends on what you like: if you want to do a lot of walking, late spring or early summer. Otherwise winter for the magical snow.

How the town is divided

The 6 districts of Fontanaluccia

  • Fontanaluccia is divided into 6 districts (case), which refer to the original families
    • Case Cerbiani
    • Case Farioli
    • Case Stefani
    • Case Campanile
    • Case Manni
    • Casa Bernardi

The Book of Fontanaluccia


MI N'SO N'GUTTA (I know nothing) is a biographical historical novel set in Fontanaluccia.

In the book you will find many descriptions of Fontanaluccia during the Second World War.

Together with the biographical story, the book talks about Partisan history and introduces historical characters from Fontanaluccia, such as Don Mario.

Reading this book is an excellent starting point for understanding the society of Fontanaluccia and its beauties.

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